Encrypted Telnet Server for Windows


1.0 Introduction

WarpTel is a simple TCP/IP telnet server implementing a strong 256 bit encryption to make client - host super secure connections. VEGA ZZ includes a encrypted telnet client in order to manage several pools of hosts that can be used to perform interactive remote jobs (e.g. AMMP remote calculations). Imagine to have a low performance PC and you want perform a complex calculation: you can increase dramatically the local computational power using one or more remote host as engines. In order to permit the secure communication , the WarpTel software must be installed on the remote Windows hosts. It's also possible the communication between VEGA ZZ and Unix/Linux hosts, but it's required the WarpGate software to create an encrypted super secure TCP/IP tunnel.


1.1 About the TCP/IP telnet protocol

The Telnet protocol is often thought of as simply providing a facility for remote logins to computer via the Internet. This was its original purpose although it can be used for many other purposes (e.g. VEGA ZZ to remote host communication). It is best understood in the context of a user with a simple terminal using the local telnet program (known as the client program) to run a login session on a remote computer where his communications needs are handled by a telnet server program. It should be emphasised that the telnet server can pass on the data it has received from the client to many other types of process including a remote login server. It is described in RFC854 and was first published in 1983.

2.0 Installation & usage

WarpTel is included in the VEGA ZZ package but it's not installed using the standard setup. If you need it and the other Internet utilities, you must choose Warp utilities for secure Internet connection during the VEGA ZZ setup. Two versions are included: the first one (WarpTel.exe) is a standard Windows application working with all Win32 releases (including Windows 9x) and the second one (WarpTelService.exe) is a Windows service working with Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT only.


2.1 Running the standard version

To run this version, select VEGA ZZ -> WarpProject -> WarpTel in the Start menu. The program starts in background without graphic interface, installing a small icon in the Windows try bar. Clicking on it, the context menu is shown. Selecting Settings the configuration dialog is opened:

WarpTel settings

The Port number is the service listening port (default 23), User name is the login name (default admin), Password and Confirm password are the password fields (default 123456), the WarpKey is the 64 characters encryption key that is randomly generated when the software starts at first time. Checking Use encryption, the connection will be secure and it will be impossible to use a standard telnet client to access to the remote host. It's strongly recommended to change the default settings with the exception of the WarpKey that is randomly generated.
The settings are stored in the warptel.ini ASCII file located in the VEGA ZZ\warpdata\cfg directory. It have the standard Windows .ini format and the password is undecryptable.
Choosing the About menu item, the copyright message window is shown:


The Exit menu item stops the WarpTel service closing it without a warning message.
In order to test the WarpTel server,  uncheck Use encryption in the configuration window and in the command prompt type:

telnet localhost <PORT>

where <PORT> is the port number specified in the configuration dialog.

Telnet login

Type the user name and the password:

Telnet command prompt


2.2 Running the service version

A Windows service (used to be called NT service) is a console application, which does not have a message pump. A Windows service can be started without the user having to login to the computer and it won't die after the user logs off. The WarpTel service version works in background and it doesn't have the graphic interface. Before running it, it must be installed selecting VEGA ZZ -> WarpProject -> WarpTel Service -> Install in the Start menu. To start the service, choose VEGA ZZ -> WarpProject -> WarpTel Service -> Start. Restarting the system, the WarpTel is automatically executed as the other  services.
The service version uses the same settings of the standard one, but if you want change them you could choose VEGA ZZ -> WarpProject -> WarpTel Service -> Configure, showing the same configuration window of the standard version. The service is automatically restarted when you change the configuration.
If you want stop the service, select VEGA ZZ -> WarpProject -> WarpTel Service -> Stop. Please remember that when you reboot the system, the WarpTel service is restarted.
To uninstall the service, choose VEGA ZZ -> WarpProject -> WarpTel Service -> Uninstall.


2.3 Firewall configuration

If a software firewall is installed on the PC running WarpTel, the user must configure it creating the appropriate rule for the listening port specified in the Port number field of the configuration window. If this operation is not performed, the client PCs can't access to the telnet server refusing the connection.
Please remember that Windows XP Service Pack 2 has a built-in software firewall enabled by default. To create the rule for this firewall:

- In the Start menu, select Control Panel.

Start menu

- The Control Panel window will be appear:

Control Panel

- Double click on Windows Firewall. The Windows Firewall configuration dialog will appear.
- Choose the Exceptions tab:

Configuration window

- Click on the Add Program... button:

Add program

- Click the Browse button and select the WarpTel executable (...\VEGA ZZ\WarpTel.exe or ...\VEGA ZZ\WarpTelService.exe). But be sure that the Disable exceptions in the Security center is not enabled.


3.0 History


4.0 Copyright and disclaimers

All trademarks and software directly or indirectly referred in this document, are copyrighted from legal owners. WarpTel is a freeware program and can be spread through Internet, BBS, CD-ROM and other electronic formats. The Authors of this program accept no responsibility for hardware/software damages resulting from the use of this package. No warranty is made about the software or its performance.

Use and copying of this software and the preparation of derivative works based on this software are permitted, so long as the following conditions are met:


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