Encryption Key Generator


1.0 Introduction

WarpKeyGen is a small command line utility useful to create the encryption key used by WarpGate.


2.0 Installation & usage

WarpKeyGen is included in the VEGA ZZ package and it's not installed using the standard setup settings. If you need it and the other Internet utilities, you must choose Warp utilities for secure Internet connection during the VEGA ZZ setup. To run it, select VEGA ZZ -> WarpProject -> WarpKeyGen and the key is automatically copied to the clipboard.
The Linux version doesn't require the installation: just run the warpkeygen in the command shell.

If you are running the Linux version, it's possible that the file permissions aren't correctly set. To change them, type in the command prompt:

        chmod 755 warpkeygen

This is an output example:

WarpKeyGen 1.1
Copyright 2006-2017, Alessandro Pedretti

4.0 History


5.0 Copyright and disclaimers

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Encryption Key Generator
Copyright 2006-2017, Alessandro Pedretti & Giulio Vistoli
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